Our Biogear Black Friday Deals Explained.

Our Biogear Black Friday Deals Explained.

We are so excited to share the Black Friday deals for next week with you! It has been so hard not to tell you all about it, but somehow we have managed to keep it a secret.

We still can't tell you which items will be marked down, yet, we can tell you how our Black Friday Specials will work. Are you ready for it?

The deal is... We will have two selected items on sale every day of the week between 22-26 November. 

For 30 min on each of these days, we will have a secret sale with incredible deals, with discounts up to 54%!

The Biogear G95 filtration guarantees 99.97% protection for the first 50 washes, which means you are only spending an average of R107.

Imagine a 54% saving with BLACK FRIDAY for your protection and peace of mind.

After 50 washes, we know it is still better than the majority of the masks out there, and with COVID lurking around, we want our customers fully protected at all times.

Our loyal subscribers will get the news of what will be on the Black Friday Discount for the day and other exclusive information. Who knows, we might even tell you when the 30 min secret sale for the day will be.

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